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With expertise in DO-254, DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-160 and ARP-4754 compliant Avionics systems, eInfochips is a one-stop solutions provider in critical avionics for commercial, business, military and UAV programs. A majority of the work relates to supporting DAL-A systems in compliance with FAA and EASA, which address the business needs of global aerospace companies across hardware, software and system engineering. We also do services in mechanical engineering for Avionics systems.

Commercial Aerospace Corporations have often rated us high on key parameters such as quality, delivery, total-cost-of-ownership, schedule, value addition, and customer service., Based on these parameters, eInfochips has earned the 2014 Supplier of the Year award for Development and Engineering Services from Rockwell Collins (NYSE:COL), a global leader in avionics with more than $4 billion in annual revenues. eInfochips frequently participates with clients on FAA (SOI-I to SOI-IV) and EASA audits for certification.

Why eInfochips for Avionics Engineering Services?

Associated with 5 of the world’s top 10 commercial aerospace corporations

Experience across civil & military systems spanning Level A to Level E criticality

Over 90% work on DAL A systems

DO-178B to DO-178C migration specialists

Experts in advanced development / verification methodologies

Experience of participating in FAA (SOI-I to SOI-IV) and EASA audits

Key Offerings

  • DO-178B/C Firmware/Software Development
  • DO-254 ASIC/FPGA/Board Design
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Software Architecture, Development, QA and Artifacts compliant with EUROCAE ED-12C/RTCA, DO-178B and DO-178C guidelines
  • Model-based Design and Development compliant with EUROCAE ED-12C/RTCA, DO-178B and DO-178C guidelines
  • VLSI Design and Verification for FPGA, ASIC and SoC Components, compliant with DO-254 guidelines
  • PCB/Board Design, Prototyping and Testing, compliant with DO-254 / DO-160 guidelines
  • Mechanical Engineering for avionics systems
  • R&D Services
  • Testing Services
  • System-level Design, Verification and Validation, compliant with ARP-4754 guidelines
  • Tools Qualification compliant with EUROCAE ED-215/RTCA DO330
  • Enhancement / Reengineering / Optimization of deployed avionics systems
  • Obsolescence Management of legacy system components and modules
  • Manufacturing Support with designs for test rigs, test beds, production test (including LabView environment)


Reference Designs & EVMs

Accelerate your product prototypes and designs with our fully tested Reference Designs and EVMs.

Test Automation Framework

Unified Test Automation and Management tool for web, desktop, mobile and device platforms.



eInfochips receives Rockwell Collins 2014 Supplier of the Year Award for Development and Engineering Services

Featured success story

Meeting DO-178C Certification for Real Time Operating Systems

The client is a global software leader providing operating systems and other embedded solutions. They are one of the pioneers of Real Time Operating System (RTOS), the most widely used standard in Aerospace and Defense industry. Facing a business need to come with new RTOS compliance measures in line with stringent DO-178C guidelines, the client was looking for a partner to support independent verification and validation (IV&V) as well as SOI III certification.

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