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The automotive industry is witnessing a huge technological transformation enabling companies to move from traditional stand-alone systems to more connected solutions. Automobile makers are on a full throttle to enhance the consumer experience through innovations in body electronics, driver assistance, vehicle diagnostics, security, and safety systems.

eInfochips leverages its expertise across ADAS, Infotainment & Clusters, Telematics, Connected Vehicles (V2V, V2X), EV Charging and Multimedia Sub-systems to help global OEMs and Tier1s deliver superior experience, safety & efficiency. Our services and solutions are right from core automotive product engineering, AUTOSAR compliant ECU software development, HMI design & testing, to next-gen technology enablement (edge computing, cloud, AI/ML, data analytics).

Why eInfochips for Automotive Engineering?

Strong competency in multimedia solutions, including camera design, AV solutions, infotainment, vision-based algorithms and more

Expertise across Automotive operating platforms such as Android, Tizen, Linux, Windows Embedded, and QNX

Early access to the emerging technologies through platform partnerships with Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, NXP, NVIDIA, etc.

Well versed with automotive best practices & standards including AUTOSAR, Functional Safety (ISO26262), Automotive SPICE and more. We are an associate partner of AUTOSAR consortium

Key Offerings

  • ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles: Algorithm optimization, Porting, Testing, Sensor experience (Camera, RADAR, LIDAR)
  • Connected Vehicles: Sensor integration, V2V/V2X, remote diagnostics, cloud based analytics
  • Solutions pertaining to electric vehicles: Charging station (design, hardware,  software, and testing)
  • MBD & Auto-Code Generation: Algorithms development, feature modelling, simulation, verification & validation (MIL, SIL, HIL)
  • Functional Safety (ISO26262): Consulting, Hazard analysis & risk assessment, Fault-tree analysis, hardware safety analysis, ECU software testing as per ASIL
  • Telematics: Hardware & Firmware development, GPS, Navigation, Fleet management (e.g. vehicle tracking, surveillance)
  • Integrated Cockpit: Hardware design, ECU software, HMI & application, platform development, Verification & validation
  • Multimedia: Audio/Video Codecs, Processing algorithms, Interfaces & driver development
  • AUTOSAR: Stack (BSW, RTE, COM) configuration & integration, MCAL development, BSP & Device driver, AUTOSAR migration / upgradation


Reference Designs & EVMs

Accelerate your product prototypes and designs with our fully tested Reference Designs and EVMs.

IoT Interoperability IPs

Proprietary cloud delivered gateway stack with solutions for robust and secured IoT connectivity.

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FAQs on Automotive


What common types of ADAS systems are used in the automotive industry?

ADAS systems can be classified into three main categories based on the technologies they use:

  • Vision-based ADAS systems
  • RADAR-based ADAS systems
  • LIDAR-based ADAS Systems

Featured success story

Applying deep learning for a driver assessment module

Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) have proven themselves to be a very powerful identifier of road features in self-driving automotive technologies. A team of engineers trained CNN to detect road types and roadside features. With the help of various datasets used for such a training, the model teaches driving skills to an automobile similar to how a toddler learns how to walk.

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