BDD Enabled Test Automation Framework

End-to-end testing and integration of devices is complicated and challenging, specifically due to prevalence of BDD (behavior-driven development) framework where test cases are written in the simple text in English.

eInfochips has developed a test automation framework spanning from device to test management tool stack – It automates entire use case, including device, device server, connectivity and test management

Functionality Overview

It is an end-to-end framework, which generates a feature file for test case added in test management, execute it using developed keywords and upload all test result into test management tool using framework libraries. It can be integrated with test management tools like Jira, Jama. It is able to simulate required data on device with the help of simulator library. It can also read/write data from device’s shared memory with the help of test hook library.

Key Features

Following are key components of the framework and their functionalities

  • Behave Feature Generator – generate feature and steps file for a given test case, written in simple english format, from test management
  • Test management project utilities – create report and log test execution results
  • Communication bridge between device & Test Automation Framework
  • Test Hooks – reads/writes the details from/to device’s shared memory
  • Waveform/Device simulator – contains a python mapping between waveform numbers and pre-defined waveform files that can be used for simulation
  • Common libraries – contain keyword implementations for device equipment like pump, optical system and performance testing

Integrations with external systems

  • Test management tools e.g. Jira, Jama – automated tests are written using keywords from the framework
  • Device Test Server – communicate with Test Client and Device Software
  • Smooth integration with any CI/CD tools


Up to 40% reduction in test efforts by leveraging

  • End to end automation from test management tools to asset/ device under test
  • Ease of customizing framework to multiple testing domains and tool landscapes, ease of scaling
  • Extensive libraries (keywords, utilities) for device communication, feature generation, test report, test results
  • Can be used by non-technical team members as well as input here is in simple English format.

Accelerate your test cycles for embedded software and application testing

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