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Snapbricks Intelligent
IoT Gateway Framework

The exponential growth of IoT will propel proportional growth in enabling connectivity among varied products and services in the ecosystem. One of the main challenges faced by the organizations developing or employing connected solutions at scale, is the effort wasted on developing a robust connectivity pipeline between edge devices and the cloud. Using an off-the-shelf smart, secure, elastic and reusable gateway software stack will give organizations a huge boost in productivity and enables them to focus on using data to build Next-gen products and services, instead of spending time in developing data capture mechanisms from edge device to cloud.

Snapbricks intelligent IoT gateway framework empowers product and solution companies to securely cloud-connect and remotely manage their sensors, devices, and applications, for hardware and platform agnostic end-to-end IoT solution. Snapbricks proprietary gateway stack is built using years of experience in helping organizations design, build, deploy, and maintain state-of-the-art connected solutions across multiple industries.

How it can add Value to Your Business

Faster time to market:
Reduce development effort by upto 40%

Security out of the box:
Access controlled and encrypted for end-to-end security

Common Software Stack:
Reduce maintenance and learning curve by reusing the stack across gateways and devices

Intelligent Connectivity:
Compute on the edge and maintain device shadows for a contextual, relevant and always on data stream


Snapbricks IoT Gateway Features

  • Robust and Secured, End-to-End Connectivity Solution
  • Complete flexibility for connecting to any edge device over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Modbus, BACnet, BLE, and Z-Wave Protocols
  • Enables Fog Computing/ Edge Computing through a powerful rule engine
  • Adaptable for use in devices with low performance
  • Common/Reusable stack across platforms – Linux, Windows IoT Core, Ubuntu Snappy, Brillo etc.
  • Well defined APIs and connectors for integrating with a variety of IoT platforms, Enterprise solutions, Mobile Apps etc.
  • Enables continuity of data in disaster scenarios

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